Activities in 2009

The Lord blessed us with many opportunities in 2009.  We had opportunities to make the community more aware of our church and opportunities to share our message of peace with God through our Savior Jesus Christ.

A small ad was again placed in the Holy Week banner section of the Wisconsin State Journal.

Our ad in the Trivia Pages restaurant flier began in 2008.  By mid 2009 we realized that the publication was not displayed as promised.  Phone calls to the company were not returned.  While the Trivia Pages ad was not as widely visible as we had been led to expect, we are certain that many copies were visible to the public.  We learned to research opportunities more carefully.  Our agreement with the Trivia Pages expired and will not be renewed.

Becky Gerbitz took over operation of the church website in March.  The committee thanks her for the many hours of unseen effort that the website requires.   Matt Schaser is currently redesigning the web site in a new format which should be online soon.

In March we began distribution of devotional materials to senior apartment complexes.  We are constantly in need of new material to maintain this effort.

Friendship Sunday was held in March.  A late winter snowstorm limited the visible success of the effort.

We continued to follow and participate in efforts to change Town of Westport zoning to allow us to replace our sign.  A zoning amendment was passed which created a means for us to get a permit for a new sign.  The amendment was more restrictive than we had hoped.  It is our hope that current efforts to place our property under City of Middleton zoning will further simplify the sign permit process.

The congregation placed a float in the Good Neighbor Parade in August.  We made ourselves very visible to the community and even won an award.  Most importantly we enjoyed the fellowship of designing and building the float and marching in the parade.

We recognized a need to put more effort into assisting church members with their personal evangelism efforts.  Evangelism vignettes were presented after a couple of services.  We expect more meeting time to be devoted to personal evangelism growth in the future.

In November, five members of Peace Thru Christ attended an evangelism workshop hosted by Messiah – Eau Claire.  The workshop was an excellent opportunity to share ideas and encourage each other.

Business cards for the Church were made available in December.  Members can use these as an aid in their evangelism efforts.

Evangelism committee will continue to meet after church one Sunday of most months.  New members and visitors are always welcome!

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