PTC Elevator Speech

An elevator speech is the speech you would give in an
elevator.  It is what you would tell
someone whom you have never met before and may never see again…twenty seconds
to share what is most important to you – and to them.  Members of Peace Thru Christ shared their
thoughts on what should go into the Peace Thru Christ elevator speech.   Those thoughts were put together into the

What church
do you attend?  I attend Peace Thru
Christ Lutheran Church. We preach the Gospel that Jesus died on the cross to
take away our sins.  We are saved by
grace (God’s undeserved love) thru faith, not by anything we can do to earn
salvation.  We learn this from the Bible,
which we know and teach is the inspired Word of God. Visitors are always
welcome.  We have a K-8 School. Our
church is easy to find.  We are in
Middleton on the corner of Hwy M and West Point Road.