Be Ready For God’s Harvest Day! (Matthew 21:33-46)

Mark Bernthal, November 2, 2014
Part of the Post-Pentecost series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

I: Remember His Judgment
II: Respect His Messengers
III: Receive His Son
Two weeks ago when I was gone Sem. Student Ben Libby held a Bible Class entitled, “An Introduction to the Parables of Jesus”. One of the points Ben made was this: “the parables confront the hearers with the challenge to take a position concerning Jesus--Who is He? That Jesus is the Son of God and the promised Savior is the key that unlocks the parables. For those who reject Him as such, the parables serve an almost judging function.”
Well our parable this morning does just that. Several truths are revealed in this parable of the wicked vinedressers:
1) Servants of the vineyard owner are rejected and beaten by the vinedressers.
2) The son of the vineyard owner is rejected and killed by the vinedressers.
3) The vineyard is given to other vinedressers to take care of.
The parable is simple and vivid. A man planted a vineyard…

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