About Peace Thru Christ Lutheran Church

Peace Thru Christ Lutheran Church is a confessional Lutheran Church whose aim is to uphold the Biblical teachings and Christian values which God restored to the world through the Lutheran Reformation some 490 years ago. We proclaim to a world dead in sin that salvation is a gift of God’s grace; that Jesus Christ paid the full sacrificial price—His very life—so that gift of salvation could be ours. We teach that the Holy Spirit works repentance and faith in the hearts of individuals through which one receives the blessings of Christ’s redemption. The foundation for such saving faith is the Bible—God’s holy, unchangeable, inerrant Word. Since “all Scripture is given by inspiration of God,” the Bible is completely reliable, trustworthy and true. It is the only source of our faith and life. If you are interested in learning more about our congregation, read more about Our Faith, or call Pastor Bernthal at 608-233-2244 or email him at mbern@juno.com

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1966: Pastor Egbert Albrecht of Markesan began holding services in the apartment chapel at Lake Mendota.

1968: Retired Pastor Paul Albrecht began serving two families and Lake Shore Manor.

1971: Pastor John Johannes was called to explore the potential of a congregation in the area.

Feb. 13, 1972: The first worship service was held at the “Neighborhood Home” with 34 present.

Apr. 26, 1973: Peace Thru Christ was incorporated. Services were held in the chapel of the University YMCA.

1974: In July, a constitution was submitted to the CLC and the congregation was received into membership.

September 15, 1974 worship services were moved to a meeting room at M&I Bank in Middleton. Congregation numbered 18 souls.

Nov. 21, 1975: The present 3.5 acre property was purchased for $35,000.

May 16, 1976 a groundbreaking ceremony took place for a chapel that would later become the parsonage.

November 24, 1976 the first worship service was held and dedication was on December 10.

Oct 1978: Pastor Johannes accepted a call to another congregation. Pastor John Ude was installed as pastor of Peace Thru Christ.

1985: The congregation numbered 36. The bottom floor of the chapel was turned into a parsonage.

July 28, 1985 Pastor Ude and his family moved to Middleton.

1988: The present church building was erected with the assistance of members from neighboring CLC congregations.

August 7, 1988 Dedication of new church building was held.

1990: Pastor Ude accepted a call to another congregation.

1991: In February Pastor David Koenig accepted the call to serve.

1998: Pastor Koenig accepted a call to serve as CLC missionary to Nigeria and India.

1998: Pastor Robert McDonald accepted the call to Peace Thru Christ. He later resigned from the ministry for personal reasons.

1999: In May Pastor Kevin McKenney accepted the call to serve Peace Thru Christ.

2001: Peace Thru Christ Christian Day School was established. Gail Schaefer accepted the call to be teacher.

2002: In June Pastor Mark Bernthal accepted the call to Peace Thru Christ.

November 14, 2004: Mortgage burning and groundbreaking ceremonies for new school/fellowship were conducted.

2005: New kitchen/fellowship hall, bathrooms and classroom addition built. Parking lot was expanded.

October 2, 2005: Dedication of new fellowship hall and classroom.

2009: Miss Jennifer Ohlmann accepted the call to be teacher.

2011: Church building was remodeled with back wall removed, new carpet, new pews, new lights and fans installed. The parsonage was sided with new steel siding, new windows were installed and a new garage was attached.

2012: New church sign was erected.

2013: Miss Claire Abbas accepted the call to be K-8 teacher.

August 11, 2013: Peace Thru Christ celebrates 40th anniversary of  congregation and 25th anniversary of church building.