About Peace Thru Christ Lutheran Church

Peace Thru Christ Lutheran Church is a confessional Lutheran Church whose aim is to uphold the Biblical teachings and Christian values which God restored to the world through the Lutheran Reformation some 490 years ago. We proclaim to a world dead in sin that salvation is a gift of God’s grace; that Jesus Christ paid the full sacrificial price—His very life—so that gift of salvation could be ours. We teach that the Holy Spirit works repentance and faith in the hearts of individuals through which one receives the blessings of Christ’s redemption. The foundation for such saving faith is the Bible—God’s holy, unchangeable, inerrant Word. Since “all Scripture is given by inspiration of God,” the Bible is completely reliable, trustworthy and true. It is the only source of our faith and life. If you are interested in learning more about our congregation, read more about Our Faith and Our History, or call Pastor Bernthal at 608-233-2244 or email him at mbern@juno.com

We are a confessional Lutheran Church. We proclaim that salvation is a gift of God’s grace; that Jesus Christ, true God and true Man, paid the full sacrificial price – His very life – so that the free gift of salvation. We teach that the Holy Spirit works in hearts the blessings of Christ’s salvation. The foundation for such teaching is the Bible. Learn More

Our Location

Address: 3232 West Point Rd., Middleton, WI 53562

Phone Number: 608.233.2244

Pastor: Mark Bernthal  |  608.213.9989  |  mbern@juno.com